Police helicopter updates

police helicopter

Hoylake locals might have been woken earlier than normal on Saturday morning due to the police helicopter flying overhead. It woke us up at about 6.00 am yesterday morning as it seemed to be hovering above our road.

If you are ever interested in finding out why the police helicopter has been active over Hoylake you can simply check the flight updates on the Merseyside Police website here. Flight details, categorised by month are available and you’ll see that the helicopter was used yesterday to help search for a vunerable missing person, who was found nearby by patrols.

Sometimes the police helicopter might be from the Cheshire Constabulary and not Merseyside. If you use twitter then you can follow @cheshirecopter for their latest flight details. The Cheshire helicopter was involved in an incident down on the promenade on 9th October.

Earlier this week there was an incident on the common ground half way down Roman Road in Meols. The road was blocked by paramedics cars and a coastguard helicopter was used to transfer someone who according to some watching teenagers had had rather too much to drink and needed medical assistance. They suggested that as the ambulance service was busy the coastguard helicopter was drafted in to assist.

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