Hoylake in Bloom invited to BBC Gardeners’ Question Time

Vicky Clarke and Jan Foster (Friends of Hoylake & Meols in Bloom) were thrilled to be invited to a special edition of BBC Radio Four Gardeners’ Question Time (website) at the Aquatic centre at the Olympic Park in London on June 14th.

They were invited because Vicky and Jan had joined London 2012 Local Leader scheme and were gardening for gold with the Friends of Hoylake and Meols in bloom team. They have planted Hoylake and Meols in red, white and blue and Olympic colours.

The purpose of Local leaders is to encourage everyone across the country to get involved in the games in any way they can. Vicky and Jan have been keeping the Local Leaders team, in London, informed of their progress by email and photos.

Jan says: “It was a huge surprise when the invitation came at short notice. We were given a very extensive tour of the Olympic park gardens presented by each of the designers of the themed gardens and flower meadows. These gardens truly are amazing and will show the world how great Britain is! We should all be very proud.”

Jan and Vicky were then given the opportunity to ask the panel, Chris Beardshaw, Bunny Guiness and Mathew Briggs (pictured), about the future planting in Hoylake and Meols and were then asked to say a few words about their project this year.

The program will be broadcast on July 29th at 3pm on BBC Radio Four and again on July 1st at 2pm.

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